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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mayday & Jay Chou, fighting for No. 1 in sales

JVR says that Jay's Capricorn has sold 139,475 copies in Taiwan, more than Mayday's 137,050

Yesterday, Mayday held a press conference in Taiwan for their new album, Poetry for the Day After. Their company revealed that their album sales have reached 137,050, and they are aiming to be the top in album sales this year. (E: Wow, thats ambitious.)

Jay Chou's company JVR Records replied, pointing out that Jay's Capricorn album had reached 139,475 in Taiwan, and has already sold millions across Asia. 'We want the record business to be flourishing, we insist on being truthful - we don't buy charts, don't falsify sales records, and we truthfully state the correct number of albums sold. All the record companies know our real amount, if you ask, you will know that we are not lying.'

Mayday's A-Shin, when asked about the comparison of the record sales, said: 'Whats important is not who's at which position, as long as everyone's sales are good.' He jokingly said, 'He(Jay) uses the rubiks cube, we use our concert(Mayday is giving out free concert tickets with every album sold), we're even more tired!'

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