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Thursday, October 23, 2008

JJ Lin and Charlene Choi (AhSa) Praise Each Other; Look Forward To Collaborating Again and Producing New Sparks

News Source: NOWNews,
Yesterday, JJ Lin JunJie's record company, Ocean Butterflies, formed an alliance with Hong Kong's EEG; they now claim to be the largest entertainment network in Southeast Asia. The two companies sent artists JJ Lin and Charlene Choi (AhSa), respectively, to collaborate on the new song 小酒窩 [Xiao Jiu Wo] [Little Dimples] as a prelude to their alliance.

At the press conference, JJ generously praised AhSa as a very thoughtful and considerate girl. A few days ago, when AhSa heard that JJ's vocal cords were unwell, she gave him some of her mother's specially brewed "tea for opening up your throat and vocals;" JJ was very touched. AhSa, meanwhile, said generously that she enjoys and admires JJ's voice and that his talent is outstanding; he can be considered the "prince of love songs." The master of ceremonies mocked her for liking "small eyes;" AhSa pretended to hit her. JJ, who was on the side, joined in on the fun, saying that his eyes weren't very large, either.

AhSa recently became JJ's "leading lady" for their new collaboration, 小酒窩 [Xiao Jiu Wo] [Little Dimples]; in the MV, JJ kisses AhSa on the forehead. When reporters asked JJ whether or not he was scared that "somebody" would get jealous, AhSa promptly reminded JJ to pretend to not understand Cantonese, using confusion to "pass."

The two were able to create a musical "spark" together; JJ expressed that he also looked forward to the possibility of collaborating with AhSa for the big screen. When reporters asked him whether or not he wanted to film an "intimate" scene with AhSa, JJ laughed and said that, if the leading lady did not object, he did not mind offering up his first on-screen kiss. However, everything was up to the direction of the director and the needs of the plot and script.

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