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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because of Hectic Schedule S.H.E Eats Fast Food for Meals

The Off-screen S.H.E Was as Adorable and Lively as the Girl Next Door

Although they are honored as the number one female group in the Mandarin Chinese music world, but for the last seven years, S.H.E had miraculously maintained an ordinary person attitude without any display of megastar-like haughty manners. Yesterday, they were busy promoting their new album {FM S.H.E} in Shanghai. They were so busy that even meals were dealt with casually during spare moments and the menu that the staff had prepared for them only consisted of McDonald’s chicken wings for lunch and hamburgers from a café for dinner.

Only Jolin Tsai Would be Picky about Food

The travelling schedule in China for promoting this new album {FM S.H.E} was not a long one. The record company had prepared different promotional costumes each day for S.H.E. As a result, the three young ladies were busy changing in and out of clothes each time as they rushed from one job to the next. In comparison to the “big budget” in clothing, the items on the menu of the trio could be described as “meagerly” – If not fast food then it was food from cafés. They had absolutely no time to even try the steamed crabs that were pre-ordered for them in Shanghai and had no choice but to bring them back to Taipei to enjoy later. Selina said , "It is particularly easy to be hungry while working. When we are hungry, we just want to eat. What type of food is not as important." Would they not worried about getting fat eating like this? Ella with an unperturbed expression , "I am pretty fat to begin with anyways."

Other than the proper meals, each time S.H.E had to travel for promotion duties would also prepare a box of snack food. Inside the box, other than little snacking items such as dried mango, it was filled mostly with instant noodles, which was another supposedly food taboo for artists. However, Hebe said with a mischievous expression , "Only Jolin Tsai would be that picky."The food items they presented from the snacking box were all necessities to all three of them. Although that did not really looked like a “megastar”, but all three indicated simultaneously , "in the last seven years, we had always taken the road of an ordinary person."

Answer Each Question As If for the First Time

The secret of the ordinary person attitude of S.H.E was always giving their utmost efforts as if they were newcomers. Almost every promotion staff that had worked with them would agree that they were the easiest artists to work with because they did not require anyone to serve them. Basically they were available whenever needed and always gave 100% in their efforts. Ella said , "In the last seven years, the achievements of S.H.E were never faked. We fought hard for all of it one step at a time. We do our best in each interview and take great pains to answer questions that had been asked hundreds of time as if we were answering for the first time, because that is our work. Only through this hardworking process that S.H.E would feel that we did not cheat our fans."

There was one detail that was particularly memorable. The new song concert in Taipei, as soon as the performance ended, Ella left the stage and cried with her brother who was part of the production crew for the concert. It turned out that she had some problem with her voice that day. Ella was upset with herself over her poor performance. Unexpectedly, the normally rational Hebe similarly cried over her imperfect performance when she returned home afterwards. "In these seven years, we had set high standards for ourselves. Therefore even if it was only a small mistake, it would still feel like a disappointment to us."

Plans to Consider Marriage Two Years Later

S.H.E’s ordinary person attitude was also in the fact that no matter how brightly they shine on stage, off stage, they were simply three normal young women. They said that the reason behind presenting the new album in the format of a radio station was hoping to borrow the omnipresent electronic waves to sooth people that had experience pain and suffering this year. Because the stock disaster had caused them to encounter economic losses, so they themselves became “listeners” as well. The three of them were of one mind in indicating that they hoped to be married two years later. Although they did not want to get married too early but they also worried that having children too late would not be good either. With regards to whether S.H.E would still exist after they all married, even they were at a loss themselves.

To the people around them, the three young ladies from S.H.E could unpretentiously express their concern and love. Ella said this reporter , "I once said to our make-up artist that in the future, if you did not get marry and have no children, we would take care of you like family. This is for real. In the future, when we are no longer artists, we would build a big house. Everyone would live together with love and harmony. This is what we truly thought. This is our attitude towards friends."

Perhaps it was precisely this feeling of being an ordinary person that accumulated such great popularity for S.H.E. As soon as the new album was released, people from neighborhoods in Taipei actually purchased the album on their own and asked the administrator of the region to personally bring the money to them. In times like this, the sight of this truly moved the three of them for a long time.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and

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