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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kenji Wu Is a "Steel Man Who Has Suffered a Waist Injury"

News Source: UDN,
Kenji Wu KeQun had originally planned to celebrate his birthday last Saturday (October 18) with his fans-- at his very first ticketed concert. Unfortunately, however, because of his serious health condition and waist injury, he had no choice but to cancel both concerts at the last minute. This ruthless decision made him cry immediately-- a man's tears fell from his eyes. On his blog, he left a message expressing his feelings over "breaking his date." He also said, however, that he is a "man of steel who has had his waist injured" and told his fans not to worry. Although his waist injury was very serious, it was only his waist that was injured-- his fighting spirit would not be broken! The concern of his fans was like the heart of this "steel man;" it would let him shine always.

Kenji had a very dark birthday last Saturday. The first ticketed concerts of his career were both canceled; his mother was worried about that the health condition of her beloved son would worsen. He had cried in public upon hearing the news; he blamed himself for "breaking his date" with his fans and felt that he had failed them. On Sunday, he wrote an entry entitled "Thank you, everyone" on his blog to express his gloomy state of mind. Kenji wrote, each and every word filled with grief and indignation: "Actually, originally, I wanted to hold it in and keep on going. It didn't matter that, every morning when I woke up, my back hurt so much that I wanted to hurl expletives. It didn't matter that, because of my steroid injections my face became swollen and plump... that it looked like a "moon face." I didn't care about the consequences to my health if I held it in and kept going... I didn't care about the pain of it all. Because I'd already made a promise, a commitment to you... I really, truly didn't want to cancel. I really, truly didn't want to!" However, because Wu MaMa was worried about and wanted to protect her son, in the end, his agency sent word that both concerts were to be canceled. Kenji, who was in rehearsal when he heard the news, cried bitterly.

Kenji's compilation album, MagiK, was released on his birthday. However, because of his health condition, he has already begun to rest and is currently focused on rehabilitation; he will not be taking part in any promotional events.

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