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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Beauty-Loving S.H.E. Have, In the Past, Lost Their Heads and Bought Beauty Products Crazily

News Source: NOWNews,

The degree to which S.H.E., Chinese superstar girl group, "love beauty" has actually, in the past, left people speechless! In the most recent issue of 美妝年鑑 [Mei Zhuang Nian Jian] [Yearbook of Beauty], the three members revealed each other's "crazy" habits. For example, whenever Hebe hears something like "Top-of-the-line Moisturizing Product: will let your skin experience something completely new. Each and every cell will be brimming with moisture... ," she will, like an amnesiac who has forgotten all past experiences, go out and buy the product crazily. Ella doesn't even bat an eye at beauty cream priced at $48,000 NTD a bottle; she even tried to excuse herself, saying that that particular brand was beneficial for mothers, older sisters, and younger sisters... everyone in the family! Selina, meanwhile, is a faithful user and "follower" of skin whitening products. Upon hearing of a friend's whitening experience, Selina actually decided to spend two or three years eating ground pearl powder. She wholeheartedly looked forward to the day that she could have "white skin."

S.H.E., who have gradually matured from "big girls" to "little women," now have a new view and understanding of "beauty." S.H.E. stressed, however, "Life isn't a beauty contest. Don't worry too much about your own appearance, about what's outside. You have to learn to love your own interior and your own natural, unique type of beauty."

Moreover, S.H.E. is aware of their own "imperfect beauty." Ella feels that her nostrils are too round, which doesn't look good; when taking pictures, she is always afraid that they'll capture her nose at an elevated angle. Selina finds her face to be too round and fleshy, which is imperfect; thus, she always uses her hair to cover and "modify" part of her face. As for Hebe, the reason she loves to wear boots is because they can disguise her own O-shaped legs (蘿蔔腿). All three have, in the past, gone on diets to lose weight and appear slimmer and more graceful. Subsequently, however, they became very unhappy. They then discovered that the type of "beauty" they were seeking is often only a myth and a type of hindrance.

"Now, we are slowly growing up. Now, we understand that it's important to love ourselves; we know what suits and fits us. It's like everything has suddenly become boundless." Selina also said, "As we're envying other people, other people are also envying everything that we have." Ella shouted in agreement, "I think that the current me is super-pretty!" Optimistic, open-minded, and understanding the importance of appreciating their own charms-- this most beautiful power is the reason that they hold their own universe in their hands.

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