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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jay Chou looks forward to getting married before 35, music will be important forever

Jay Chou, who has been promoting his new album in Beijing recently, accepted an interview on "A Date With Lu Yu", when Jay Chou was on "A Date With Lu Yu" last year he made an arrangement with the presenter Lu Yu to come share his mental journey.

When Jay Chou was talking about his new album's main plugged song "Fragrance Of Rice", he said that society needed a song that could inspire people and give them encouragement due to the earthquake, unemployment, students leaving home and other natural and society related situations. Music is a kind of magic, it can heal people. You don't earn much being an artist right now, artists are only sharing their own music. Jay Chou, who is now a boss, is even less hesitant to spend money on creating music. In order to film a good MV he invested a large amount of money, just so that people who like his music get to see an even better piece of music work. When they talked about his habits when writing music, Jay Chou said he wasn't like other musicians who liked to write by themselves in the middle of the night, doing it this way will disturb his neighbours, instead he likes to play the piano while looking for inspiration. It's just like "Fragrance Of Rice", it came from having feeling.

Jay Chou is someone who likes to try new things, from dancing in MVs to learning to play the diabolo to doing magic in concerts, it gives a surprise to people who like him every time, he also injects things he likes into his music to share with his fans. When Lu Yu asked him which one gave him the most feeling of accomplishment between magic, singing and films, Jay Chou said magic, but if you're talking about them in terms of importance, music is still the most important.

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