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Monday, October 20, 2008

Da S is enjoying singlehood

Da S attended the promotional event for her new endorsement in Hong Kong. She has frequently come to Hong Kong for work, and she laughed saying that she always doesn't have time to shop properly, actually she really loves to shop in Hong Kong, as well as eat its food and have massages - she even knows which places sell good vegetarian food. Don't say you didn't know, Da S has been vegetarian for almost 7 years, at the start it was because of her sick dog that she started being vegetarian for a year, later on she got used to it, she feels that it is healthier and doesn't let her get plump easily. She smiles saying that for her future boyfriend, she will not force him to be vegetarian, its just that she likes being one, and she even wants to endorse for vegetarian food. She says, 'Taiwan has a lot of very delicious vegetarian food.'

Earlier on, Da S filmed 'Connected' with Louis Koo and had rumours with him. Today in Hong Kong she said that they would most likely not have the chance to meet. 'Actually when I was working with Gu-Zai(Louis), we hardly ever met outside of work. But I find him very interesting, and we both like the same things, we can talk together very well.'. When asked which Hong Kong star would she like to work with now, she said she would like to work with Louis Koo again, because 'When we were flming Connected, we only had one scene together, its such a pity. Actually after we talked, I realised that he can film just about any kind of movie.'

After Da S and Zaizai broke up, her love life has been empty. But she confesses that singlehood lets her be very happy and not moody at all. 'Now, where I want to go, I can go. If I want to watch a movie, I will. Now I also have more time to accompany my family and take care of Xiao S's children.' She smiled and revealed that every day, other than texting her mother, she doesn't pick up any one's phone calls. Seeing her free and uplifted expression, you will know that actually singlehood for her is actually happy and full of meaning.

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