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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wang LeeHom Makes Hamburgers; Music Notes Dance in His Head

As a spokesperson for fast food (McDonald's), Wang LeeHom recently filmed a commercial and was transformed into a handsome and elegant chef. In addition to personally frying strips of bacon for making hamburgers, LeeHom also washed raw vegetables and sliced cucumbers-- all to let his fans taste and experience a "delicious flavor."

Although he looked and seemed quite convincing as a chef, LeeHom laughed ruefully and said, "Usually, it's only when I get hungry in the middle of the night that I go into the kitchen myself... and heat up some dumplings." He said that, every time he hears the "sizzling" sound that bacon makes as it's being fried, he can't help seizing cooking utensils in his hands and beating and tapping them. "Many, many notes will just immediately appear in my head... delicious food and music... it's really the coziest, most "comfortable" enjoyment of life. It's also the best "nutrient" for my (song) writing!"

LeeHom will be traveling to Singapore at the beginning of November to hold a concert; once he returns to Taiwan, he will have to throw himself into the preparations for his new, upcoming album. Earlier, the planned schedule and advance for LeeHom's album was delayed because of his concerts; he hopes to "pick up the pace" and complete the album so that he can share his new songs with his fans. LeeHom will also be taking on the position of an ambassador of World Children's Day (Ronald McDonald House).

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