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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eason and Hins Scored a Double each

The 8th Chinese Music award has just announced the result of this years winner. Eason won last years "Best Cantonese singer award" and "Best Annual Artist Award". This year he had 5 nominations and he won the " Best Annual Artist Award" again as well as the "Best Mandarin song of the year" with his "Transfer of Love".

Hins has done well since he has changed to sing Cantonese songs. He snatched from Eason to win the "Best Cantonese singer award". He also won the "Best Cantonese song of the year" with his "Ardently Love". Hins was so excited after he found out he got the awards. He couldn't help his excitement "I have been waiting for this award for 5 years!" Hins reckoned winning the award with "Ardently Love" hasn't been easy specially among the other singers. He was really grateful. "I am learning since 07 and I will be learning till 09. Therefore these 3 years I will spend my time to learn not just to be a singer, but work in back stage too. I will help Hacken, Kenny Kwan and Kelvin Kwan to produce records. Through working with different people, I could see how inadequate I am. There are so much new things I can learn."


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