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Thursday, October 30, 2008

8th Annual Mandarin Music Awards 2008; Jolin Tsai bags 5 awards, holds hands with Show Luo

source: chinatimes

The 8th annual Mandarin Music Awards was held yesterday in Hong Kong. Gary Cao who just got married in Malaysia earlier, and Tanya Chua bagged 6 awards each, and were the biggest winners, beating popular artists Jolin Tsai and Show Luo. Gary laughed and said, “As soon as I finished the bridal chamber, I came here.” However the previous night, he got a stiff neck from sleeping and had to go to acupuncture before coming to the awards.

Jolin won a total of 5 awards, and together with Show, they won “Favourite Male/Female singer”. However, the Hong Kong media focused on their rumours, and again brought up the subject of the love bracelets. The 2 openly replied that they have always been good friends, and they did not even mind holding hands, and taking photos together. Show also happily expressed, “When I first entered the industry, I could not sing well, and noone wanted to listen to me sing. After practicing hard for 2 years, I was then brave enough to come out and sing, this time winning these awards have give me a confidence boost!”

Eason Chen and Joey Yung won “Best male/female artist” but Eason seemed to not care too much about winning, only saying, “Meeting lots of old friends here, very happy.”


01.不能說的秘密 - Jay Chou
02.眼色 - Yoga Lin
03.收藏 - Jam Hsiao
04.不會分離 - Guang Liang
05.北京歡迎你 - Stars
06.男人KTV - Anson Hu
07.達爾文 - Tanya Chua
08.無與倫比的美麗 - Sodagreen
09.為你寫詩 - Kenji Wu
10.窮開心 - The Flowers
11.LOVE SONG - Khalil Fong
12.崇拜 - Fish Leong
13.迷失表參道 - Hins Cheung
14.洋蔥 - Aska Yang
15.迷宮 - Joanna Wang
16.無辜 - Gary Cao
17.日不落 - Jolin Tsai
18.敗給你 - Show Luo+ Elva Hsiao
19.零時零分 - Joey Yung
20.演唱會 - Eason Chen

Outstanding Regional Artists:

Shanghai: Anson Hu
Guangdong: Ham Yu
Hong Kong: Kay Tse On Kei
Taiwan: Jolin Tsai
Singapore: Tanya Chua
Malaysia: Gary Cao

Favourite Newcomer: Joanna Wang, Yoga Lin, Li Zhi Qing, Wang Zhi Jian

Favourite Band: Mayday Sodagreen The Flowers

Favourite Group: S.H.E, Yu Quan, BOBO

Favourite singer-composer: Anson Hu

Best Composer: Guo Biao《淡淡的歌》- Xu Fei

Best Lyricist: Xiao Han《達爾文》- Tanya Chua

Best Arranger: Stanley Leung《迷失表參道》- Zhang Jing Xuan

Best Producer: Tanya Chua

Best Album:

《Listen To Eason Chan》- Eason Chen
《Goodbye & Hello》- Tanya Chua
《Super Sunshine》- Gary Cao

Favourite Duet:

你是我心內的一首歌 - Leehom Wang + Selina
外灘十八號 - Yuan Cheng Jie+ Qi Wei
復刻回憶 - Khalil Fong + Fiona Sit

Outstanding Stage Performance: Jolin Tsai, Show Luo

All-round Artist of the Year: Joey Yung

Media Recommended Award: Tanya Chua, Gary Cao

Favourite Female Artist: Jolin Tsai

Favourite Male Artist: Show Luo

Best Female Artist: Joey Yung

Best Male Artist: Eason Chen

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