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Friday, October 31, 2008

Exclusive Interview - Joe Chen: Nominated is a confirmation; Promised to apologise on GBA

The Golden Bell Award is seen as Taiwan's annual grand award ceremony. Many people put great significance on being able to be nominated. This year, the Golden Bell Award's main excitement is in the "Television Queen" competition. Joe Chen, Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang, Angela Chang the 4 idol drama big sisters plus veteran actress He SuYun, the excitement can be imagined.

Before the GBA starts, Sohu Entertainment reporter had an exclusive interview with the candidate that is the favourite among internet users. "Sticky Note Girl" Joe Chen, the favourite among the favourite. With a good script and good acting between the male and female lead, the ratings kept getting higher and even the drama "They Kissed Again" that took the spotlight was pushed out of their top position. Joe Chen as the lead of course rose to popularity. Some even bet that she will take the queen position.

Screams at airport

In the industry for 8 years and nominated for the first time, Joe declared that she's very happy. Regarding the confirmation by the judges on her acting, she even screamed in excitement. During the interview, holding onto the pink strap chain on her handphone, she started talking excitedly. Her delight in being nominated can be easily felt.

Interviewer: First, congratulations on your nomination.
Joe: Thank you.

Interviewer: Nominated for the first time, how are you feeling? Are you nervous?
Joe: Nope. I'm just purely delighted. I even screamed in the airport! It was like a movie scene: I was at the airport to film outdoor scenes for my show and just after I handed my boarding pass to the air stewardress, my manager arrived and said "Joe, you're nominated!" I said "Huh?" and she replied "You Have Been Nominated!"
I said that I wanted to cry and started shouting in the airport.

Interviewer: Did you call anyone immediately to share your joy?
Joe: No, because I was boarding the plane already so I had to turn off my phone. But after I got off the plane, I received many smses from others. Ming Dao called to congratulate me too. I really wanted to cry! For me, being nominated is a type of confirmation.

Kneel down and apologise to Ethan at GBA scene?

Interviewer: Have you thought about it secretly, about how you will celebrate if you win?
Joe: I already thought of how to celebrate. Even the party venue is decided. But this party is purely to celebrate the joy of being nominated because this month, we've really been very busy so I had arranged with a few friends to celebrate the nomination...... I even bought a bottle of pink champagne. But it's not to celebrate winning. I told myself to not think about it. Because if I think about it, I will start to really care about winning and losing and it's better that everything is peaceful, and I'm immersed in my delight.

Interviewer: Ok, if, you were unlucky and didn't win?
Joe: Then I'll standup and walk away. Haha, I'm joking. Actually, I have never thought that I must win... And for this year, I feel that Senior has the largest chance.

Interviewer: Ming Dao, Ethan, are they in the list of invited people for celebration? Did they call to congratulate?
Joe: Yup! Ming Dao called first because we're closer. He was in San Ya filming and knew that I got nominated so he was determine to order flowers for me. I replied "Don't order flowers! You're really very old-fashion, who wants flowers......" Ethan also called me but I was really very blur. He used a strange number to send a message to me so I didn't know if was him and I even told reporters that he didn't congratulate me yet. In the end, at the celebration press conference, Ethan came to strangle me and said "What nonsense were you talking about?! I did call you!" I only realised then and I went okay. And then I actually agreed to kneel down in front of all the reporters on the GBA day itself to apologise to him.

Interviewer: Will you really do that?
Joe: I don't know. I'm just deceiving him first. Because he's really easy to deceive. And he's really happy for me.

Joe: Not familiar with the other three
Previously, the GBA was mainly dramas that had good reputation but not ratings, however, this year's drama male and female lead as well as supporting lead, "Fated to Love You","Romantic Princess","They Kissed Again" all have a place on the list, making people more excited. Many people believe that the judges' tastes are changing and the more commercial idol dramas are finally rising out. Dramas with good reputation and ratings are finally entering the judges's eyes.

Interviewer: Earlier, it was said that the idol drama combination is: Very hot male lead + Plain female girl; This time, the females are finally stepping up.
Joe: Yes, so I'm very happy. Really very happy. Actually, I feel that alot of the male leads in Taiwan idol dramas are very good! But compared to the females who have slightly more emotional scenes, like females crying, getting upset, there's alot of emotions... Hopefully, next year will be the male leads' turn. This time's nomination can be a start.

Interviewer: Among the four flowers, being nominated, did you exchange sms of congratulations with them?
Joe: No. Because I don't actually know Ariel, we never really met. I saw Rainie before on shows while Angela and I filmed together before, but we're not really close. However, no matter who wins, if it really is an idol drama that wins, I will be very happy already, because that's a confirmation.

Interviewer: Then will you compare?
Joe: No, with four idol dramas nominated, it means that the judges are willing to give us chances. And it means everyone no longer will have the "You guys can't act" feeling about idols.

Nominated is a confirmation

Although she's now an idol drama big sister, in the past, Joe had periods without a job and the empty time makes her very scared. She even started doubting whether she is really suitable for being an actress. According to what Joe said, she loves acting so being nominated this time round is really a huge confirmation.

Interviewer: Are you still scared now? Scared of those time without a drama?
Joe: Not really because I once really had nothing to film. I will start doubting why I have no dramas? Was it that I wasn't doing good enough and that my acting was bad, then I'll struggle with whether I should continue acting... Then I realised that what was frightening was not when I have no job but rather when I start doubting myself. Because when you start to doubt yourself, you will think of a lot of bad stuff and it affects your emotions.

Interviewer: So this nomination is a huge acknowledgemetn!
Joe: That's why I delighted, really very very happy. Being nominated together with a senior that acted for more than 20 years, it's a huge confirmation.

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