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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jerry Yan made a shout-out to Lin Chiling

Source: Liberty Times
Last week, on the 17th, F4 held a concert in Osaka. Jerry Yan, on the stage while surrounded by ten of thousands of fans, brought up the subject of 'the most important person of his life', and he suddenly said, 'Chiling-san!'. Yesterday, Lin Chiling was reported to be in audience to cheer him on. Jerry, who has never brought up his old love, let many fans wonder whether that 'love shout-out' was to woo her back.

On that concert on the 17th, he acted out a part of his drama 'Starlit' onstage; he spoke a long sentence in japanese. At the start he mentioned: 'I really love one person, just like love has never vanished before. I really want to see one person, but that person has already left, and I can never see her again...'. Facing a lost love, it was full of sadness and regret. When the song 'Bi Guan Shuang Yan' [Shut both your eyes] was starting, he suddenly loudly told the fans: 'Have you ever had this kind of experience?! If yes, then sing along with me, we will be together with the music.'

Lin Chi-ling reported to have been in Osaka to support

At every seven stops of his Japan concert, Jerry Yan would always mention a person that he would most like to thank. But this time, he didn't follow the script, and when he mentioned 'the most important person of his life', he said: 'Today i have a very important person here in the audience, thank you Mother! ... Thank you Chiling-san!' When he finished that sentence, the fans in the audience were shocked. Some people believe that they heard wrongly, there were even some who couldn't even hear what he was talking about.

For the concert, Jerry stayed in Japan for a month. Last week he went to Osaka, but coincidentally, Lin Chiling was there on the 15th for her movie 'Red Cliff's promotion. It was reported yesterday that Lin Chiling stayed on in Osaka. Though she wasn't seen in the audience, but judging by Jerry's words, people's imagination really went wild.

Lin Chiling's manager gave a foggy reply

When asked, Lin Chiling's manager expressed: 'We have been very busy with movie promotions. I haven't heard anything to do with this, so I cannot give any answer.' A JVR PR executive expressed: 'Jerry has always been focused on stage, about other things I'm not too sure.' He also said, 'Maybe its because Jerry was speaking in Japanese, which let everyone to misunderstand, but he did thank his mother.' But the next word, 'Chiling-san', really let his true feelings show.

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