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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joan Lin FengJiao Sets Her Sights On Wang LeeHom; Invited To Take Part In Husband Jackie Chan's New Movie

Jackie Chan plans to film a new movie, 大兵小將 [Da Bing Xiao Jiang] [Foot Soldier, Little General] (current working title), at the beginning of next year. Rumor has it that he has invited Wang LeeHom to take part in the production as the "foot soldier." One of the major reasons that Jackie has his sights set on LeeHom? Jackie's wife, former actress 林鳳嬌 Joan Lin FengJiao, admires his "high-quality" image and recommended him to husband Jackie. This resulted in the present situation-- a collaboration!

Rumor has it that Joan Lin FengJiao has seen LeeHom's performances in such movies as 色,戒 [Se, Jie] [Lust, Caution] and 雷霆戰警 [Lei Ting Zhan Jing] [China Strike Force], etc. and has a good impression of both his musical and his acting talent. Additionally, Jackie feels that it will be a "fresh" collaboration and partnership... as LeeHom has never attempted anything in "ancient" clothing before.

Bonded at Beijing Olympics; Drafted As a "Foot Soldier"

Jackie and LeeHom actually met ten years ago at a New Year's Countdown Celebration in Hong Kong. At the time, Jackie helped to show LeeHom around Hong Kong; this year, because of the Beijing Olympics, the two met in Athens, the Hainan Island, and Beijing. Jackie specially showed his self-produced documentary-- one that he had made for his father, who has already passed away-- to LeeHom. Fate had brought them together again; rumors then circulated that Jackie planned to invite LeeHom to take part in his new film.

Jackie Chan once mentioned 大兵小將 [Da Bing Xiao Jiang] [Foot Soldier, Little General], a story set during the Qin dynasty, at the Cannes Film Festival. The script has been in the "writing stage" for over twenty years; Jackie said that he had originally planned to play the part of the young foot soldier. However, because the script has taken too long to complete, he can now only play the part of the general. There aren't too many elaborate action sequences in the script; most of the script involves three male actors and one horse-- that is enough.

Jackie's Wife Sets Her Sights On LeeHom; Becomes First Pick

The script has already been in revision for many years; however, Jackie has never forgotten this story. He has even held auditions and screen tests in the past; under the recommendation of Joan Lin FengJiao, however, LeeHom was automatically bumped to the top of the list of candidates. If cast, he will have many scenes with Jackie. However, because Jackie is currently filming in America, his assistant responded for him cautiously that it was still uncertain that the movie would begin filming at the beginning of next year and that they could not respond to anything else.

LeeHom's manager, Hsu YuQin gave a guarded response as well, saying that they have yet to receive an invitation from the movie production company. Hsu YuQin also stressed, "Jackie Chan is Wang LeeHom's idol. If they have a chance to collaborate together, he will definitely be happy to take part."

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