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Sunday, October 26, 2008

S.H.E. and Jay Chou praise each other's album as great

Source: DNKB

Yesterday Jay Chou and S.H.E. held a press conference each in Beijing for their new albums "Capricorn" and "FM S.H.E.". S.H.E. and Jay Chou, who are good friends privately, praised each other's album as great, they gently resolved the difficult questions from the media.
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At the press conference for "Capricorn", Jay Chou appeared as a magician and did a trickt with a live person, while holding a wand in his hand he also threw a card over to the fans, it caused fans to scream.

Regarding reports that say the music style in "Capricorn" is very similar to his previous ones, Jay Chou responded: "I think these people are criticising for the sake of criticising, you don't have to take notice of them!" Jay Chou expressed that the global economy is not good right now, "Let me inject it with a boost". Jay Chou also gave the newcomers group AOK a "lesson" on the day: "You have to play the entertainment circle with a relaxed heart, you must not change your inherent quality!" But, when asked if the sales of the new album could reach the predicted 4 million, Jay Chou expressed he wasn't confident of making the "target": "This is a good target, if you don't have a target, life has no meaning, but 4 million should be very hard, it's a challenge for me!"

At the press conference for S.H.E.'s new album, Selina said Jay Chou's main plugged song "Fragrance Of Rice" was good, when reporters said they were "plugging" Jay Chou's song, Hebe said: "Our album is for making people happy, "Fragrance Of Rice" is the same!" Ella helped out: "Jay is our good friend, of course we support his songs!" When asked if they knew Jay Chou was releasing his album in Beijing on the same day, S.H.E. said: "We know, this is a complete coincidence, we're not comparing with him. In our album there's a song written by Jay "Silent"!"

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