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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jay Chou shows his comedic talent, the brilliance of "Mr Magic"

The MVs for two of Jay Chou's proud pieces of work "Mr Magic" and "Uncle Joker" from the new album have finally come out! These two MVs were filmed in a marathon style for 3 days after the album press conference, they made use to gorgeous dancers, jazz players and acrobats from Russia and other countries in a total of 15 people, in addition to 6 dancers from Taiwan, the contents of the MV are certainly rich! Besides playing a first class Magician Jay Chou also put on makeup to become the Joker, he sat on a high swing wearing a woodpecker cap to play the naughty clown. With the careful directing of Jay Chou, the MV for "Mr Magic" was like a carnival; the MV for "Uncle Joker" had a slight feeling of loneliness in the background, due to the fact the lyrics of the two songs had the feeling of the Magician against the Joker, they have a subtle link, the record company decided to plug both songs strongly together, to satisfy fans fully!

Just by listening to the melody of these two songs you get a good visual, the MVs give an even better visual! Both songs have a happy atmosphere, for the MV they hired real acrobats from Russia to guest star in it and do difficult moves, in "Uncle Joker" no matter if it's the mime of the joker, walking on stilts or playing with a silk ball..., their real skill causes people to stare in amazement! Jay Chou personally put on makeup to go on as the clown, during the filming he looked at the monitor and thought it wasn't good enough, he got on the swing again and asked the staff to pull it higher, they started filming again when it got to about 2-3 stories high, Jay Chou's last minute decision made all the staff members sweat because they didn't prepare any safety precautions, it looked dangerous as Jay Chou swung back and forth, fortunately the filming was very smooth and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.

Makeup artist A Du guest starred in the MV for "Uncle Joker" as the magician, he was like a hero being circled by beautiful women, Jay Chou on the other hand played the clown offstage, seeing this scene after entering the backstage, boundless feelings and desolation flowed out from his acting! A Du, who was full of happiness, joked: "I accepted after reading the script, before Jay Chou only let me play handicapped people or triad bosses, it's the first time he's been so good to me!" In the MV for "Uncle Joker", Jay Chou put on a woodpecker cap to play the naughty clown, not only did he do a mime scene, he also danced, mother Chou couldn't help but dance with him when she was watching from the side. Director Chou was full of fun even though he was busy, while he had free time he picked up a DV and started filming himself while he span around, he could also dance coolly, his level of steadiness and skill were first class.

In the MV for "Mr Magic", besides showing off his piano playing in front of the gorgeous dancers and jazz players, he also danced with dancers, there was no lack of his brilliant magic! Firstly he tricked two magicians, while he was doing the "sawing a person in half" trick he hid his assistant and made him appear with magic, he put a beautiful girl in a magic box and made her transform into himself, the magician was shocked! In this performance Jay Chou showed off his comedic talent, it was very interesting! And after playing tricks on the magician, Jay Chou performed the trick of "making cards appear from thin air", this made his beautiful female assistants clap with admiration. You could say Jay Chou was enjoying himself when he filmed this MV as he's been concentrating on magic recently! He's immersed in the magic world and duelled two magicians with magic, seeing him turn a small bun into a big bun or producing a bun from his mouth..., he was having a lot of fun.

After the press conference they filmed the two MVs in a marathon style, they finally finished the two MVs "Mr Magic" and "Uncle Joker", due to there being a lot of staff, everyone had to wait their turn to go on, plus it was an all nighter so Director Jay Chou was felt very guilty, he said: "Like the dancers, they already waited 12 hours, I feel very guilty! They are so poor! Because there's just too much stuff, we had to hold a press conference too before, everyone's tired." Mother Chou was also very tired as she accompanied her son, when Jay Chou opened the door into the restroom at the set on a certain day at 5 in the morning he saw his mother sleeping on the sofa, he felt so guilty and his heart ached. Even though everyone was tired from the all night filming, but the one who had it the hardest was Jay Chou who was both the director and an actor, when everyone could take turns to rest, being the director he didn't have time, he still directed steadily even when facing such a large group of acrobats and dancers, everyone saw him like an "iron man" with all his energy, the staff revealed that because he's the director, he pulled through with his willpower in order to make a good piece of work.

"Uncle Joker" was a new inspiration that Jay Chou got when he saw "Batman: The Dark Knight", he talked about the clown's lonely world with a joyful rhythm, he used humours lyrics to describe the discontent the clown had for the magician, the whole song has an eccentric and kind of banter atmosphere to it because the clown on the cards is called "Joker", so he named this song "Uncle Joker", lyricist Huang Jun Lang didn't forget to take a stab at Vincent Fang: "I hate you Magician, you stole my business, don't forget, Batman only got first at the box office relying on me", the unique thing is that Jay Chou used a man's voice imitating a woman as the backing vocals, the expression of the sexy voice is surprising! "Uncle Joker" is full of varied music, Jay Chou said: "Even my grandmother wanted to move with the song when she heard it!"

"Mr Magic" appeared gracefully with a gorgeous Western New Orleans style, the arrangement of the whole song was full of jazz band playing, it was dazzling like magic, in the lyrics "That's why he's a clown and I'm a magician" It sounds like it's hitting back at Huang Jun Lang's lyrics. At the end of "Mr Magic" there is cowboy mixed in, they sing "Don't bother about it, don't bother about it!" In the lyrics of "Uncle Joker" they read: "It's raining, I hide behind the mask and cry secretly, because I saw Secret" Both lyricists coincidentally put in Jay Chou's previous work into it.

Both MVs cost a combined 2.5 million yuan, he wants gives his fans a feast for their eyes! And "Capricorn" is this year's best selling album currently, for the music videos he's generously given a budget of 20 million to film the 11 MVs in the album, Jay Chou's already finished filming 9 of them while he was busy, you can say he's reached an extreme level of using time.

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