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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barbie Hsu XiYuan (Da S) Busy With Charity; Dee Hsu XiDi (Xiao S) Has "Adopted" 30 Children From All Over the World

News Source: ChinaTimes,

In order to raise awareness of and promote World Vision's new "113 Hotline For Protecting Women and Children," ASOS (Barbie Hsu XiYuan (Da S) and Dee Hsu XiDi (Xiao S)) took the time, on October 20, to participate in a short film with children from 位竹師實小 the HsinChu University of Education's Elementary School. Worried that the children, who had never filmed before, would be difficult to control, the two sisters reminded the children over and over to laugh and smile to their hearts' content and told them that the secret to being filmed was to "rely on your expression." The children all cooperated extremely well; there were very few NG's. Barbie praised the children for being extremely easy to communicate with; Dee played badmintion with them during breaks. The children served fast, "killer" balls again and again; Dee was no match for them. She could only sigh that she had "underestimated her opponents."

Dee is already the mother of two and has also "adopted" children through various programs; she has sons and daughters all over the world. She said that, as long as you are very patient and attentive in your treatment of children, it is easy to "open up" their minds and hearts. Barbie said that she, also, really loves children; whenever she hears of children being neglected or abused, she becomes very upset and distressed.

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