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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FanFan Fan WeiQi Will Hold Her First Concert in Taipei on November 1; Will Bring a New Version of "If Only" With Claire Kuo Jing

FanFan Fan WeiQi, whose 我們是朋友/We Are Friends (FanFan's Friends) ticketed concerts will begin on November 1, has already announced that her special guests at the Taipei concert will be A-mei Chang HuiMei, ASOS (Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Dee Hsu (Xiao S)), and Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop)-- certainly evidence of her good relations with other people! However, Angela Chang ShaoHan, with whom FanFan originally sang the popular duet 如果的事 [Ru Guo De Shi] [If Only], will be busy with activities in the Mainland; she will not be able to make it to the concert. Thus, FanFan's record company, LinFair Records, has suggested labelmate Claire Kuo Jing instead; she and FanFan will perform a new "Fan-Kuo Version" of 如果的事 [Ru Guo De Shi] [If Only]. Fans and audience members can look forward to the new, different feeling this new match-up will present.

As for her inability to participate in FanFan's concert, Angela specially called FanFan a few days ago to express how much she really wanted to participate; however, because her work schedule is too full and packed, she cannot apply for the necessary leave and "time off" to attend. She stressed, however, that she would definitely try to make it to one of FanFan's two concerts (one in Taipei; the other in TaiChung); she would definitely try to support her "shi jie" (labelmate) Fan WeiQi.

There are just five days to FanFan's concert on November 1; FanFan has been intensely practicing her singing; she has also been working out and trying on different outfits in preparation for the concert-- she doesn't dare to be slack or "sluggish" in the slightest! However, in her anxiety and effort to perform well, FanFan has gotten to the point where, upon waking up, she actually thought that she had just been exercising. The sight of her wearing 15-cm (5.9-inch) heels and practicing her walking makes the workers pity her-- and yet, it also makes them want to laugh! As for FanFan's goal to add 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) to her slender frame, she has succeeded in getting definition in both her abs and her arms! Thus, her entire look and posture have become even more perfect!

Meanwhile, Claire Kuo had this to say about her upcoming performance (with FanFan, of 如果的事 [Ru Guo De Shi] [If Only]) at FanFan's November 1 concert: "This song is very hard to sing. I definitely a feel a little pressure, having to sing it with my own "flavor." I am very afraid that I'll sing badly out of nervousness. But I'll definitely "jia you" (keep it up/work hard), and I hope that everybody can bring their good friends with them to see FanFan's concert (我們是朋友/We Are Friends (FanFan's Friends))!"

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