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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gary Cao Ge Marries the Mother of His Child; Married at Top Speed

Golden Melody Award winner Gary Cao Ge flew to Malaysia on Saturday to practice for his upcoming concerts; yesterday morning, at about 9 AM, he went to Putrajaya and paid a visit to the federal registry (Jabatan Pendaftaran Malaysia). He and his girlfriend, the mother of his "Little Cao Ge," were then married; he has officially ended his life a single man! Gary said happily, "In the future, I can honorably and freely hold hands with my wife... in the Eastern District or anywhere else we choose to stroll or shop!"

The bride, 吳速玲 Wu SuLing, was without a "prince charming on a white horse;" she was also without a gorgeous or magnificent wedding veil. Instead, she wore a well-tailored short dress of champagne gold. Although Gary was garbed in a formal white dress shirt and a black suit, he paired them with a pair of jeans. They were like any ordinary couple, arriving before the appointed time. They were the third new couple to complete their wedding papers and their son, "Little Cao Ge," who has just passed his "two-month" mark, was present as well, watching the ceremony from the sidelines; he was not to be absent from the "most important day" of his parents' lives.

After completing the wedding registration papers, the new "Gary Cao" family-- all three of them-- as well as Gary's father, mother, older sister, brother-in-law, and other close relatives and friends-- went off to enjoy a lunch together. Afterwards, they went straight to the airport, and Gary boarded a plane for Hong Kong to attend the ceremony for the 8th Annual 全球華語歌曲排行榜 Global Chinese Music Awards. Perhaps his new marriage will bring him good luck and help him take home the big prize.

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