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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will Blackie (HeiRen) Propose To FanFan Fan WeiQi At Her Concert? Barbie Hsu Says: I Don't Want To Listen To Blackie's Incessant Talking

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan,
The third special "group" of guests at FanFan Fan WeiQi's upcoming concert in Taipei has been revealed to be her "good sisters" ASOS (Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Dee Hsu (Xiao S)). They will sing 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart] together. Barbie, who has long "had her microphone turned off" (hasn't sung), said, "I had originally told FanFan that I only know Chang YuSheng's 天天想你 [Tian Tian Xiang Ni] [Think of You Every Day] and (ASOS') 十分鐘的戀愛 [Shi Fen Zhong De Lian Ai] [Ten-Minute Romance]. And then, a couple of days later, she silently gave me a CD and asked me to practice this song. I couldn't even choose!"

Dee, who calls herself "Little A-mei," revealed, "Originally, I told FanFan that, if we were going to sing a song at the concert, we should choose 那些花兒 [Na Xie Hua Er] [Those Flowers]... it's more suitable." FanFan, however, half-forced and half-persuaded them, saying, "I won't force a song on you, but, if we sang 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart], it would be even better." FanFan's "unforced" song has brought much pressure to Dee; she had no choice but to clench her teeth and practice the song at home, over and over. One day, she was so moved by her own practicing that her eyes filled with tears; her beloved daughter happened to catch her and asked innocently, "MaMa, what are you doing?" Dee could only answer in embarrassment, "I am singing 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart]." The result of her hard work and practice? Dee's little daughter can now sing the song as well, duetting with her own mother; this touched FanFan immensely.

After rehearsing together, it was clear that there was great chemistry between the three women; although Dee kept repeating nervously, "There are some spots at which I go out of tune easily!", FanFan's admiration for the sisters was quite high: "XiYuan (Barbie)'s voice is too great! It's very 'clean;' in the past, whenever we go out to sing karaoke, she always sings Faye Wong's songs. Her style is really suitable for Barbie's voice! It's just that Barbie's own demands on herself are sometimes too high. XiDi (Dee)'s voice is very emotional; it's also very distinctive. Additionally, 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart] is really almost telling our own story. To be able to sing this song with them is like completing all the pieces of the puzzle." Barbie, however, mocked herself, saying, "My voice is the type that 'heals wounds.' Every time I finish singing, I go home and 'lick my own wounds and try to heal them!'" This made FanFan double over with laughter.

As for the question on everybody's minds-- whether or not FanFan's boyfriend, HeiRen (Blackie) will propose to her during the concert, Barbie said roughly, "I don't want to see that at all. Chen JianZhou (Blackie) talks a lot; whenever he opens his mouth, there's a possibility that he'll talk for half an hour straight. I definitely do not want to see Blackie appear on stage at the concert."

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