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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jay Chou's father envies mother Chou

Source: Eastday

In the entertainment circle Jay Chou is famous for being filial, that song "Listen To Mother's Words" was recorded into textbooks in primary schools in Taiwan. And songs like "Maternal Grandmother" and "Dad, I Have Come Back" are widely sung by fans. That album that sold many copies "Ye Hui Mei" is named after Jay Chou's mother. Jay Chou said that this year's Valentine, he set off fireworks alone at the park, he called his mother to tell her to watch the fireworks, then he told her he was the one setting them off, giving her a surprise.
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Jay Chou's maternal grandmother is a nearly 90 elderly person, she's a very Westernized person, sometimes she helps her grandson out with preparing concerts, she'll go onstage to do the Waltz with one of the actors. Jay Chou, who doesn't talk about his father much, said that his father envies how popular his mother and grandmother are, he wants to guest star in his own MV. Sometimes when father Chou accompanies Jay Chou at an event, he'll go up to fans to introduce himself.

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