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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eddie Peng YuYan Nominated For Golden Bell Award; Just As Happy To Receive a "Golden Horse Award; Becomes Ambassador For a Good Cause

On the 25th, Eddie Peng YuYan appeared at the Mentholatum-sponsored charity event, "Use Love To Bring Smiles (To People's Faces)," as their new ambassador of public good. He took "smiling" pictures with his fans on stage; for each picture taken, the firm donated $20 NTD. Eddie took over a hundred photos yesterday; the money he raised, as well as all the proceeds from Mentholatum products sold before the end of the year, will be donated to a foundation for children who have lost their parent(s).

Fans came from all over to support Eddie yesterday; there were fans who, upon reaching Eddie on stage, requested that he help them put protective chapstick on their lips; another fan fashioned a replica of a Golden Horse Award out of paper and presented it to Eddie-- however, Eddie has been nominated for the Golden Bell Awards (Best Male Actor) this year, not the Golden Horse Awards! (He was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards last year.) Eddie, who had to keep a smile on his face for over an hour, said, "No, my face hasn't turned stiff from smiling. My fans really support me, so the more I smile, the happier I become."

Has rumored "good friend" Jolin Tsai YiLin congratulated him yet for being nominated for the Golden Bell Awards? Eddie very purposely and rapidly changed the subject, saying, "One tube of moisturizing chapstick... can moisten and freshen up one smile!" He, thus, used the slogan of the current campaign as a shield. When asked whose lips he considered to be the sexiest, he chose the sexy Shu Qi... and refused to mention Jolin. He said that, the first thing he'll look at when he first sees a girl is the feeling of her "whole"; of course, if the girl also has a pair of moist lips, it's a definite plus!

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