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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jam Hsiao JingTeng Is Willing To Wash Girlfriend's Underwear

News Source: ChinaTimes,

In order to pay his fans back for their support, Jam Hsiao JingTeng went "into the kitchen" and learned how to make Italian pasta. He said that he would definitely be willing to cook for his future girlfriend; he would also be willing to do anything for his girlfriend. When asked whether or not that "anything" included washing her underpants for her, he was quick to reply, "I can do it... no problem!" And has he washed any of his previous girlfriends' underwear for them? He shyly denied that he had.

Jam recently suffered from a toothache; last Friday, before leaving for the Mainland, he reported to the dentist. However, when faced with a plate of Chinese mitten crab (big binding crab), he ignored his pain and fiercely gnawed at the crab. He used the "good side" of his mouth and teeth to eat the first Chinese mitten crab of his life! He said frankly, "Biting it made my mouth ache so much!" When he arrived in ChengDu, he forgot the instructions of the dentist yet again and happily devoured spicy food. There were people playing mahjong everywhere he went-- on the side of the street, at the door of a restaurant... wherever he went, he could hear the sound of the mahjong tiles. He said, "It made my hands itch... I also wanted to play for a bit!"

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