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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Genie Chuo WenXuan's New Album Will Face Off Against Rainie Yang ChengLin's; Pressure Is Great, Genie Suffers From Insomnia

The multi-talented singer-actress Genie Chuo WenXuan will release her new album, 超級喜歡/Super-Like on November 7, 2008. The release will "clash" and compete with that of another multi-talented singer-actress, Rainie Yang ChengLin, the "Priestess of Cute." This "competition" has doubled the pressure on Genie; earlier, while she was recording harmonies and background notes for her second single off the new album, 一句話 [Yi Ju Hua] [One Sentence], she crazily went sleepless for many nights. Genie stayed up very late at the recording studio for multiple nights in a row; altogether, she spent a hard 18 hours just to finish the background dubbing.

Genie attempted to change and transform herself for this new album; she strenuously and persistently practiced dancing and worked hard and diligently on writing. She hopes that her fans can see the "transformation" of a young girl. For Genie's second radio single, 一句話 [Yi Ju Hua] [One Sentence], she collaborated with the notoriously strict producer, 馬毓芬 Ma YuFen. Genie had heard earlier that "小芬姐 XiaoFen Jie" was completely strict and impartial in the recording studio; before beginning the background recording, Genie had already spent many sleepless nights. Every night as she lay in bed, her mind would spin and churn relentlessly; she kept thinking, "What can I do to sing this song well?" Additionally, because the difference in temperature from day and night is quite big around the time of the mid-Autumn Festival, Genie was also extremely afraid that she would accidentally catch a cold, which would adversely affect her performance. As a result, every time she entered the recording studio, Genie brought 膨大海 Peng Da Hai (Chinese medicine: roughly, the seed of boat-fruited sterculia) and cough medicine with her. Thus, she was always prepared to "do battle"-- she certainly has high expectations!

From her debut at age 15 until now, Genie has evolved from a cute, adorable little girl into a soft and gentle woman. In her new album, she reveals a new, sexy side of herself; many male fans' eyes have lit up! However, in private, she is still naive and a little air-headed and foolish; the bag that she brought with her to the recording studio was stuffed full with bread, instant noodles, and other snacks. She also wore special stockings to prevent viscosity. She explained, "Every time I record, it's always days and nights on end... when I return home, my legs are always swollen and "deformed"! In order to keep myself from being reported as getting "radish legs" (bowed legs) from standing too long, I have to rely on these socks to make my legs stay the same shape."

Some workers and staff members revealed that, when Genie found out that she was going to be releasing her album on the same day as Rainie, her pressure definitely increased. She firmly believes, however, that both of them have worked extremely hard in the entertainment circle and that this kind of positive competition will only let the fans of both see the both of them working hard and continuing to grow. This type of mutual "encouragement" and urging is a quality that is more effective than gunpowder. As for her new album, she has asked for help and assistance from such people as Chang ChenYue, Free9, and AhNiu; good friend 易傑齊 Yi JieQi has specially written a song for her, the slow ballad 一句話 [Yi Ju Hua] [One Sentence]. Her label mates have also been releasing albums-- before and after hers; they all encourage each other. Thus, she doesn't feel the least bit "alone" when heading onto the "battlefield."

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