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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Edison Chen sends letter to Hong Kong media; China rumours his comeback

source: UDN

Edison Chen, who publicly announced that he would step away from the Hong Kong entertainment circle indefinitely, has sent a letter to Hong Kong’s “East TOUCH” magazine, saying: “time can answer all the questions” and his comeback is rumoured on various online Chinese websites.

China’s 2 big online websites “Sina” and “Sohu” yesterday reported that Edison had sent a letter to Hong Kong’s “East TOUCH” magazine, and confessed, “I know everyone has a lot of questions they want to ask, and there are a lot of questions waiting for me to go answer, where should I begin? My answer is ‘time’, time can answer everything.”

Edison expressed, “Time will make a boy grow, become mature; time can make a lot of unclear things become clear, time is very important to everyone. During this time, I have had enough time to search for myself, pondering what is most important to me. I have had time to appreciate myself, and do the things I love to do, and I can finally relax being me.” Edison also hinted some criticism at gossip reports, saying: “Rather than discussing other people’s lives, why not spend some time to understand yourself.”

On the 31st of January this year, many Hong Kong female artist’s indecent photos were revealed and on the 21st of February, Edison publicly announced that he would “forever exit the Hong Kong entertainment circle.” Reports said that he had moved to Los Angeles, but after appearing for less than 10 seconds in American film “The Dark Knight”, he has been seeking other development opportunities.
Hong Kong director Lau Wai-keung who has previously worked with Edison in film “Internal Affairs” expressed that if there is the chance, he wishes to help Edison brew comeback into Hong Kong industry, but this requires time.

China’s “Sina” website reported that next month, he will attend Kanye West’s concert in Beijing and Shanghai, and he has agreed to the organisers that he will accept a telephone interview from media, only to discuss Kanye’s thoughts about music. However, Edison’s management company replied, “Edison has not yet informed us about going to this concert.”


NOpe said...

I felt Edison not wrong at all,
because i think edison nationality foreign & chinese. Edison have half of foreign blood, so, i think, all foreign people are like making XXX, so, all audience think yourself properly actually what wrong with Edison. All the fault is the people sent all that picture to media.

I have spoKen.. said...

Good day!
To begin with, Edison Chen must not be blamed of what the hell is happening. The actor is, likewise, a victim! Can someone be accountalble for a crime that would gratly affect his own life? That is totally crazy...
What he has done is normal to all of us. It's his private life. And if you'd say that you have'nt done anything like that in your entire life, or you will never do anything like that (whatever) you are one hell HYPOCRITE.