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Monday, October 27, 2008

Heat Rises as Fahrenheit Announces Show

The hot Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit stages its first large concert in Shanghai on November 22, together with popular girls' group S.H.E.

All born after 1980, the four members of Fahrenheit are trendy "flower boys," with a delicate appearance, stylish clothes and tender voices.

Although the band has been together for only two years, Fahrenheit has won legions of girl fans all over Southeast Asia.

The band's fan meeting in Shanghai last year attracted hundreds of teenage girls, most of whom got to know the band through soap operas and variety shows.

They are named after the German word Fahrenheit because the four boys represent different seasons and types. Chun Goh from Brunei often plays a prince-like character in Taiwanese soap operas and has won the most fans.

He first appeared in one of S.H.E's music videos, which prompted rumors of a love affair between him and the boyish member Ella from the top-selling Taiwanese girl group. He also owns a fitness club in Brunei and is known for his fitness.

source: asianbite
credit: shanghaidaily

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