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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jay Chou says he's not a player, he's used to being rumoured with female leads of MVs

Yesterday night Sony BMG spent 700 thousand yuan to hold a banquet for Jay Chou at the Hotel Mirama to promote his latest album "Capricorn". At the same time they announced a list of Chinese and foreign albums they were going to release, they also arranged for newcomers Jason Chan, Fiona Fung and Jaime Fong to perform onstage. The main star Jay Chou then appeared, he performed a magic trick on the spot, his new album only came out on the 15th of this month but the sales from Asia have already broken 1 million copies, the record company especially awarded him a sword and shield to show him encouragement.

Jay Chou expressed that the sales target for the album was 4 million copies, but he didn't have any confidence of reaching that figure: "People always have to have targets, 4 million copies is very hard, it's a challenge!" He expressed he was affected by the financial crisis, "Mother is a conservative person, she doesn't do investing, I've also listened to her and not bought any stocks".

Jay Chou will be returning to Taiwan soon to continue the remaining two MVs and editing work, he's been rumoured many times with the female leads of MVs, he smiled saying he was already very careful now, he won't talk to the female lead unless there's a need in the job, "How is it possible even if I did it this way there were still rumours with the female lead of "Where's The Promised Happiness" Chen Kuang Yi, it's just a mystery and there's nothing I can do about it", he expressed that the recent MVs he's filmed has female leads, it's just that you have seen it yet so there haven't been any rumours so far, "In the MV for "Snake Dance", I will be dancing intimately with a sexy female dancer".
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Jay Chou frankly said that he was already used to having so many rumours, but he doesn't like it. When asked if he was worried he was giving people an impression of being a player? Jay Chou said smiling: "I've already got the image of a player! But I'm not a player. Not everyone that likes to do magic will be a person who cheats other's feelings."

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