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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Filming the live action "Doraemon" MV, Jay Chou laughs saying he's like a Chihuahua

Besides celebrating the pre-orders for Jay Chou's new album breaking the 90 thousand copies mark at the press conference, they especially let the media get the first look at the MV for the third plugged song "Time Machine", the story of "Time Machine" is the one everyone is familiar with since they were young, it's the live action version of "Doraemon", Jay Chou said the Japanese media who came today ought to think it's pretty diao for someone to film a live action version of Doraemon. This article is translated by

The set for the MV for "Time Machine" is the familiar bedroom of Nobita, there's an older looking Nobita wearing big black framed glasses with yellow clothes and blue shorts, he gets into a time machine to find the young version of Nobita, he leaves a Shizuka Minamoto a note for them to see each other on a certain after growing up. Jay Chou said after he saw this MV himself he was very touched, he thought being able to take back certain regrets in life with a time machine was very diao.

When asked what regrets Jay Chou had in life that he would want to take back? But Jay Chou just said one thing, he thinks he doesn't have any, everything's been very smooth. After pausing for a moment, there was a dog at his grandmother's, it was lost by his cousin when he took it to Taichung, if he didn't take it to Taichung, perhaps that dog wouldn't have been lost.

Jay Chou even revealed that the one playing Nobita was his cousin, originally this MV was supposed to be directed by him, but when he saw the scene he had a lot of ideas, he didn't know how to communicate them to his cousin so he just went and directed it himself, but Jay Chou didn't forget to give support to his cousin, he hopes he can help him become a cutting edge director.

Jay Chou said in the MV he carries a Doraemon guitar, it was given to him a long time ago by Nan Quan Mama's Zhang Jie, he couldn't have thought it would be such good use in this instance. Jay Chou even said that when they filmed this MV, the song was sang very fast when filming, after the filming they tuned it so it looked like it was very relaxing, but at the scene he looked like a Chihuahua jumping here and there, when Jay Chou finished talking with his cool expression, the reporters laughed their heads off, because it's very hard to imagine the handsome be like a Chihuahua.

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