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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ekin: The new car was not for Yoyo

It was Ekin's 41th birthday on 4th October. Girl friend Yoyo was by his side celebrating his birthday for 2 days. Ekin is the activity ambassador for "The Salvation Army : Hong Kong and Macao Orienteering". He paricipated the fund raising activities yesterday. Reporter caught up with him and asked him about how he spent his birthday. He replied "We are used to the western way of celebrating birthday now. We just dressed up formally for the occasion and went out for dinner that is all." There was a report that Ekin had bought a car for Yoyo. While she was test driving the car, she disappeared when she saw the paparazzi. Ekin revealed that the car she was test driving was supposed to be a surprise birthday present for his manager Lin Shanshan. But since people found out about it, he desided not to buy the car.


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