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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alice Tzeng and Ethan Ruan Collaborate In New Film; Kissing Scene More Engrossed Than With Jay Chou!

Filmko Holdings' first Taiwanese film, 愛到底 [Ai Dao Di] [Love To the End], has begun filming. The first love story will be directed by 陳奕 Chen Yi and star Ethan Ruan JingTian, Alice Tzeng KaiXuan, and Ye AnTing. In the film, Ethan can be said to be very successful in love affairs-- and lucky! On the very first day of filming, Ethan already kissed Alice, who plays his girlfriend in the film, in the airport.

Regarding the scene, Ethan laughed and joked that Alice was betrayed by director 陳奕 Chen Yi, who is actually her own flesh-and-blood cousin! To the side, though, Ethan admitted that, while watching 不能說的秘密/Secret, he had thought Alice very pretty and was very attracted and fascinated by her. When Alice was asked to compare and contrast her kissing scene this time with her experience working with Jay Chou JieLun, she said, "The feeling is totally different. With Jay, it seemed more like on the surface, going through the motions. Ethan goes a bit deeper; he's more engrossed."

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