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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jay Chou admires Jerry Yan's artistic personality

Jay Chou makes 101 disappear, he's finally realised the wish in the lyrics of his new song, actually it's just play on angles.

"The artists I sign must have an artistic personality." Jay Chou spoke of the reason that attracted him to signed Jerry Yan under him, since Jay Chou has started his own company he has signed up Gary Yang and Jerry Yan who both have this same point of similarity, Jay Chou is also looking forward to working with "Violent Dragon" in dramas.

Concerning how Jerry Yan is referred to as "Tortoise Hair" and "Hard To Please", Jay Chou has a different interpretation of it: "He has a lot of his own views, he has a lot of demands on some details, I can understand this being a Capricorn, he has the personality of an artist." yet he expressed that Jerry Yan shouldn't reject people calling him "Violent Dragon", Jay Chou said: "His performance in "Meteor Garden" was very colourful, for people to call him Violent Dragon, it means he was very successful in his acting in the drama."

In the new album "Capricorn", Jay Chou challenged the duet he did with Fei Yu Qing with a "man to man duet" with Gary Yang called "Wandering Poet", plus mixing the duet with Mandarin and Taiwanese produced a fresh effect. Jay Chou expressed that next he hopes to work with Jerry Yan in dramas, he said: "Jerry Yan's performance in dramas is a bit more popular, he can even break into the foreign markets."

Jay Chou clarified for the third time the rumours with Jiang Yu Chen, he said: "If there's nothing then you have to clear it up." He indicated the reason for being single right now: "The main problem is time, I feel that I shouldn't be putting my efforts into love right now, I'll wait until after my career gets to the peak, I'll consider getting a girlfriend with "marriage as a premise". But before that, I'll reserve the right to make friends."

Mentioning the popularity of Tanaka Chie who was the female lead in the "Common Jasmin Orange" MV, Jay Chou said: "In order to help her, I helped recommend "Cape No 7" ages ago, recently I've seen a big improvement in her Chinese, when we were filming the MV, we couldn't communicate at all."

Regarding the success of "Cape No 7", Jay Chou said: "I hear that it's been out for many weeks but there are still lots of people queuing up to buy tickets, it's really touching." Seeing the reports about how difficult it was for director Te-Shen We to get the film started, "Director Chou" has been getting numerous invites, it is estimated that "Secret 2" will start filming at the end of next year, he said: "Compared to that I'm really fortunate, but I hope that on a day when someone looks for me to film a movie, as long as it's only directing and not acting, that'll show that my directing has been truly acknowledged."

Violent Dragon- "Bao Long"- Jerry's nickname by the media

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