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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jimmy Lin fell during final rehearsal and performed with an injured leg
Jimmy Lin fell during final rehearsal and performed with an injured leg.
Jimmy Lin’s concert on Oct 17 was a spectacular success. 20,000 fans traveled back in time with Jimmy’s classics. There were no empty seats in the venue. Fans stood on the chairs and were so high that they turned the VIP section into a rock and roll party. Liu YiFei flew back from the US and Wallace Chung came from the mid of filming to be the guests. It brought the concert to its climax.

Jimmy slipped during the Carnival performance but continued to dance until the end. We learned later there was a reason for his accident. His manager told us, “Jimmy wanted to do his best. He was still rehearsing 3 hrs before. In one of the performance he and Liu YiFei sat on a bench and sang. The bench would be raised to 3 to 4m. This is the climax of the performance. I was in the audience section to look at the effect. When Jimmy was in mid-air I saw him wince and held on to the cable. One side went up another meter with no warnings. The whole platform turned 180. Luckily jimmy’s security guard caught him after he fell. Or else, it would be terrible. Everyone was in shock. For safety sake, this part of the performance was cancelled.”

Jimmy’s hand, elbow, and right cheek were bruised. We thought he was okay but during the concert his injured leg (from an earlier racing accident) bothered him again and he slipped. He was very agile and stood up immediately. He finished the perfect performance in spite of the pain.

The whole concert lasted for more than 2 ½ hrs. Jimmy sang 31 songs, like the classic “Not Every Love Song has a Fond Memory”. Rainy days of 17, Wild Chrysanthemum, Upmost Happiness, Can’t Stop Me. Fans were ecstatic.

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