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Sunday, October 19, 2008

S.H.E Prepare for New Song Concert , Bullies Judy Chou

S.H.E Prepare for New Song Concert
Bullies Junior Judy Chou

Top female group S.H.E, who will be putting on a concert this Sunday, had specially invited their junior, Judy Chou to guest perform in their Miss Universe concert because Judy Chou was featured in one of their new songs [More Despicable Than You]. Because the rap interlude was performed by him, he will also appear in the SHE concert to dance with his seniors.

Today the four of them arrived together to the dance studio to rehearse for [More Despicable Than You]. This light song is about the displeasure of girls toward guys. When asked whether SHE has encountered any truly despicable man in real life, S.H.E simultaneously indicated that they have. Ella who was standing in the middle, because of her previous news with Baron Chan was splattered in all newspapers, became the topic focus of everyone’s discussion. Ella did not reveal which man she felt as being truly despicable and only said briefly: [It’s in the past, all in the past.] However, amidst all the joking, one can still feel the change in Ella’s mood.

The topic took a sudden turn and Judy Chou became the target for his three seniors. When asked out of the three seniors, which one is most despicable? Judy Chou smartly said: [I am the most despicable!] Judy Chou indicated that to have this chance to work with S.H.E, he felt both honored and happy about it, because the seniors were simply too hilarious. Other than Judy Chou, Deserts Chang will be also guest-performing in the concert. S.H.E who had always admired Deserts Chang specially invited to collaborate with them, to perform the songs of the new album using an alternative style. S.H.E is anticipating that this collaboration will create new musical fireworks.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and

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