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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gary Cao Enjoys the Intimate, Disgusting Interaction Between Sweethearts; Is No Match For Girlfriend

Gary Cao Ge and girlfriend 吳速玲 Wu SuLing are virtually inseparable. The two were apart for only half a month, and Gary came down with a serious cold. He said that his girlfriend was very strong and brutal; she took care of him as a mother would. Once, as his girlfriend was cooking, Gary sat on the floor and hugged her thighs, like a koala bear, closed his eyes, and rubbed his face against her legs for ten minutes to "sa jiao" (act coquettishly or like a spoiled child). He also once "swooshed" very quickly and took off his girlfriend's pants; he definitely "enjoyed" the intimate, disgusting interaction between sweethearts.

Never Held Hands; Directly Went To "Embrace"

In order to chase 吳速玲 Wu SuLing, on a certain day last winter, Gary took her, at 4 o'clock in the morning, to 陽明山 Yang Ming Shan (Yang Ming Mountains) to watch the sun rise. While watching the sky gradually lighten, Gary suddenly hugged both arms across his chest and pretended to be cold, saying, "I'm so cold! Can you hold me, please?" His direct confession made 吳速玲 Wu SuLing snicker and giggle for a bit before agreeing to date him. When asked about "that time," Gary said gleefully, "At that time, we hadn't even held hands yet... we went directly to hugging!"

Gets Scolded For Being Drunk; Drinking Buddies Also Scolded

Gary, who has a rather fiery temper, admits to being completely helpless when it comes to his girlfriend. Whenever the two get into an argument, he will immediately yield and apologize; one time, he became drunk and threw a glass onto the floor. At 5 AM, he called her to vent; she said only, "Are you drunk again? Wait until you sober up... then call me!" After that, a loud click signaled that she had hung up on him; he is no match for his girlfriend's strong and brutal attitude.

He also said that, once, he invited a bunch of people, including 阿丹 AhDan and 林健輝 Eric Lin JianHui, over to sing. When they left, they left a bunch of food spread out all over the table. The next day, early in the morning, 吳速玲 Wu SuLing called each and every one of his friends to scold them; she said frankly that it was fine for Gary to foot the bill, but that they shouldn't waste food like this! AhDan was so scared that he grumbled to Gary, "Your girlfriend is so diao (ballsy)!"

Buys Luxurious House in Malaysia Because of Beloved Son

As for newborn son 曹三豐 Cao SanFeng, Gary expressed that he was very worried that, because his blood-type is AB and his sign is Leo, his temper would be too terrible and too fiery. Additionally, the entire family doted on the little darling; Gary's father, especially, seemed to be enjoying the the happiness and pleasure of holding a grandson so late in life. Whenever he held the baby, he wouldn't let go; it seems that his grandson is even more precious to him than his son!

In order to let his girlfriend and child have enjoy the "good life" in the future, he plans to buy a 180-ping (approximately 595 square meters) in Malaysia in addition to the three houses he already owns in Taipei. If he winds up buying the house, his monthly mortgages will add up to over $500,000 NTD. Although the economy is currently in recession, Gary actually said, "It's worth it for my family!"

News Source: ChinaTimes,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

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