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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jay Chou comes to Hong Kong to promote his new album, says he's still friends with Patty Hou

Jay Chou came to Hong Kong to promote his new album "Capricorn", he attended a certain mall's autograph and singing session, Jay Chou, who hasn't promoted in Hong Kong for 3 years, attracted nearly 2000 residents. 40 security personnel were sent out to maintain order. A few days ago Jay Chou's old love Patty Hou came to Hong Kong to work, Patty Hou wasn't willing to stay at the same hotel as Jay Chou, Jay Chou admitted he had read the related reports, he was asked if he would arrange to see her? Jay Chou expressed that if he had time he would but he doesn't have time, Patty Hou has expressed she welcomes him onto her show to be a guest? Jay Chou said, if he has time he will go on, they are both still friends after the break-up, plus she is very generous, they are friends after all, they still see each other and are in contact. Concerning how Patty Hou is avoiding him by staying in another hotel, Jay Chou didn't respond to this. Recently Jay Chou has been rumoured with a Taiwanese model Chen Kuang Yi, Jay Chou explained he got her to film an MV, but they didn't chat at all to avoid rumours, he stressed he isn't dating right now because he doesn't have time to find someone, if he meets a someone suitable he'll go after her, but he doesn't have a target yet. After Jay Chou's new album was released, right now the sales have reached 887,000 copies, the pre-order quota for Taiwan was 90,000 copies, he expressed he's confident of breaking 1 million sales, he pointed out he was not affected by the financial crisis, he smiled saying this was a fans crisis, because when the economy was good, he didn't have such good pre-order results.

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