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Sunday, October 19, 2008

enie Chuo Complains About Labelmate; Calls Gary Cao "Mean and Stingy!"

Genie Chuo WenXuan complains that labelmate Gary Cao Ge is very mean and stingy! His newborn son, 曹三豐 Cao SanFeng, is nearly two months old, but she has yet to receive "cakes" for the baby's first month celebration! He hasn't given her his new phone number, either. She said, provoking laughter, "Ho! You can see how much he doesn't like me... but I still wish him happiness!"

In the past, Gary invariably wrote new songs for Genie; this year, however, he was busy with family matters and had no time to write anything. She "complained" that he didn't care for her any more. On the 18th of October, when she was spokesmodeling for IBS Jeans, she revealed that she would adopt a "sexy image" for her new album; however, because her chest is not outstanding, she would have to rely on revealing her back and her legs instead. She would also try out different dance forms: reggae, tap dance, etc. In order to become a "little dancing sweetheart," she would often practice until both her legs were black and blue. She soaked daily in the bath to dispel some of her fatigue.

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