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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barbie Xu agreed to star in Peter Ho's "Summer's Bubbles"

Barbie Xu agreed to star in Peter Ho's "Summer's Bubbles"

source : asosbbs
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie

Peter Ho's self produced drama "Summer's Bubbles" caught the media's attention on who will be playing the lead characters in the drama. Yesterday, Peter Ho announced that Da S had accepted the role of the female lead "Xiao Mo", Peter will be "Luo Xi", and his good friend Dylan Guo will play the role of "Ou Chen".

Peter Ho said that when he read the novel, the only actress he had in mind is Da S, because she's very much like the female character in the novel. He said "therefore i spent 3 months of negotiating with her, hoping she'll agree to take this role"

Because of their constant communication regarding this drama, Da S and Peter have been rumored to be dating, Peter said "It's really unfair to both of us", "We just talked about the script". For a first time producer, the pressure is big, he said "I've been having bad dreams for months, I'm worried that I'll disappoint everyone,"

Da S who's recently in the movies, this time she will be once again play the lead role in the drama "Summer's Bubbles". Da S said she read the novel and likes it very much, but before she agreed on this project, she had requested scripts for her to review.

The filming will start in February. They will film in some locations in Taiwan, Japan and Europe. The estimated budget for this project is 60 million Yuan.

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