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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vincent Fang WenShan Makes a Match: Blue Lan ZhengLong and Annie Liu XinYou Continue Their Love Story

Da S (Barbie Hsu) has recently filmed many movies in succession; ex-boyfriend Blue Lan ZhengLong is also poised to take the leap from the small screen (TV screen) to the big screen. He has signed on for 方文山 Vincent Fang WenShan's segment of the new movie 愛到底 [Ai Dao Di] [Love To the End]. His leading lady will be none other than Annie Liu XinYou, with whom he worked on 幸福的抉擇 [Xing Fu De Jue Ze] [I Do]; the pair continue their "fate."

Vincent Fang spent a lot of time thinking and planning out his segment of the movie. He chose his cast carefully; the "male lead" he had in mind had to be handsome; however, Vincent hoped that, in terms of personality, he would be a man of few words and have a certain "air" of personality about him in whatever he wore. After a whole round of searching, a few days ago, he met with Blue Lan, and the two clicked instantly.

Blue Lan usually wears whatever he likes; his style can be described as that of a "gentle and refined wanderer." Vincent Fang feels that Blue's handsome air of elegance is very natural and unaffected; additionally, he doesn't need to use too many words in his acting; his eyes and body language are very expressive. Blue, meanwhile, said that he greatly admires Vincent's literary talent and that he has been hoping to work with him for a while now; he believes that the two of them will be able to produce "chemistry."

Vincent chose Annie Liu to be the female lead of his segment. He had watched parts of 幸福的抉擇 [Xing Fu De Jue Ze] [I Do] and noticed that she and Blue made a very nice couple: the man, handsome; the woman, beautiful; both pleasing to the eye and the mind. The rumors that Annie was chosen because she is the newest "darling" of 星皓 Filmko are false; it was really because this couple is extremely well-matched!

Rumors about Blue and Annie have surfaced as a result of their collaboration; Blue insists, however, that he is currently single; Annie's relationship status? Opinions vary.

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