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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jimmy Lin's 34th birthday celebrated with dancers and band members

Jimmy Lin celebrated his 34th bday early after final practice in beijing with the dancers and band memebers. They went to Shanghai yesterday for the dress rehearsal. The concert will be more than 2 hrs with 31 songs. There will be 4 themes: racing, romantic, carnival, futuristic. His family will be there to root for him. The concert will tour next yr. Wallace Chung and Liu YiFei are the guests. LiuYiFei and jimmy will sing Wild Chrysanthemum together. As of 10/13/08, 80% of the tickets have already been sold.

His birthday wishes: the concert will be successful, his family will be healthy.

his plans for 09: a new EP, a tv series, concert touring and possibly a movie. 09 will be his busiest year.

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