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Monday, October 20, 2008

Agnes Monica Sarangheyo

“Agnes Monica SARANGHEYO!” This line was shouted again and again by Agnes Monica new fans in Korea after the show of Asia Song Festival 2008 over, right in front of the hotel where she spent the night. The young R&B/pop singer came to the festival without any expectation but to share her passion of music with other Asian countries. However the result was even beyond her expectation.

Agnes, who at first wasn’t considered as noticeable, became a dark horse and turned the table. Given a risky chance to perform between two famous bands from Japan and Korea, Agnes Monica proved her capacity with excellent. Warm appreciation from the music lovers, the Korean audience, was given to her energetic and communicative performance. For Agnes and her fans, the gig in Asia Song Festival was quiet a successful night where music breaks the language barrier.

“I had an exceedingly opportunity when I performed in Korea. I’m so happy. The astonishing ovation from the audience in Korea, and even many screamed and asked for my photos outside the hotel. Ooow…When I saw this, the fans in Indonesia just crossed my mind. It made me smiles a lot,” recalls Agnes Monica.

Agnes confesses she didn’t feel nervous at all, and in fact she felt impatient and was excited to perform instead. She feels so thankful and happy knowing that she’s got positive responses from the people there which were more than what she expected. The girl who’s about to release her third album was so surprise too when in the farewell party the officials of ASF committee gave her special thanks and speech about herself.

Besides performing on the concert, Agnes got interviewed by a lot of press including Hong Kong’s biggest TV station TVB, the TV stations from Korea, Japan, and even from Uzbekistan. Several local producers asked the prospect of cooperation with Agnes as well. Regarding this odd-on chance, the pretty girl can only ask for prayer and support from her fans.

“I am speechless. Feels like a dream comes true. But I know it’s all the result of hard work and it’s only the beginning. I still have to do a lot of work and a lot of things that I cannot explain and describe here.”

“In this very moment, I just wanna say how happy and thankful I am. And I keep getting convinced, there is no ‘impossible’ as long as we know what we want and we are willing to do what it takes to reach that level. Work hard, courage, consistency, sacrifices, and of course prays and surrenders in God, and also has faith or believes!” She goes on.

Agnes also emphasizes that problems exist not to scare us, but to be solved and to make us stronger. “So if there’s any problem, hey…bring it on!” She ends her journal.

source: asianbite
credit: indonesianheartthrob

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