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Monday, October 20, 2008

Jay Chou's autograph session overcrowds 7th floor, doesn't mind meeting with old love

Taiwan's heavenly king Jay Chou came to Hong Kong on the 19th for two days to promote his new album Capricorn. His old love Patty Hou was coincidentally in Hong Kong too for another event, Jay expressed that even though they have broken up, they still keep in contact.

On 19 October, Jay went to Hong Kong to hold an autograph session, his mom Ye Hui Mei came along with him. It's been 3 years since he last held an autograph and singing session in Hong Kong, which attracted a few thousand people to the venue, they overcrowded the 7th floor, 40 security personnel had to be called on to maintain order. The earliest fans were already queuing since the day before (18th).

With so many fans supporting him, Jay satisfied whatever demands they had. He was initally only supposed to sign 1500 autographs, but increased it to 3000, in order to repay his fans for their love. Even though the economic crises are affecting the whole world, Jay's new album release has already reached 880,000 copies in sales within a few days of its release. He smiled saying this was a fans crisis, he's got confidence of the sales surpassing 4 million to break the 3 million sold by "Ye Hui Mei".

Reporters mentioned that when Patty Hou came to Hong Kong, she changed her hotel purposely to avoid Jay. Jay said if he had time he didn't mind seeing her, even if he went on her show as a guest he won't feel awkward. He said he is already almost 30, only kids would feel awkward, he also praised her for being generous. Will Jay, who once blamed himself that he couldn't protect Patty Hou in their relationship, still make his next relationship public? He said smiling: "I will try my best not to get filmed by the paparazzi, if my true love appears I will make it public, it doesn't matter; but I don't have anyone suitable right now."

Source: image : Mingpao
Translated by: Initial E @

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