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Monday, October 20, 2008

Edward Lam is using Joe Cheng to ‘lure’ Sylvia Chang to appear on the stage play again

Directed by Edward Lam, Sylvia Chang and Zheng Yuan Chang will be starring in the stage play [Design For Living] and will be having their nationwide tour later. Sylvia Chang joked and said, the main reason is because the director is using handsome guys to lure her into this ‘trap’.

Director using handsome guy as bait to lure Sylvia Chang
[Design For Living] will have its premiere in November then they are going to have 5 performances in Poly Theatre Beijing from December 3rd to 7th. Edward Lam explains that this play is using a keen observation to observe the life and their spiritual world of the modern people nowadays, the office group is always the group that is greatly being concerned about, their relationship, powers and money etc; all of these will be their most sensitive topics. Sylvia said: [When we translate our play from English it will be called as Design For Living plan, actually everyone has their own plan and we will be showing the life of the office group in a comedy kind of way, and to show everyone how they plan their life.]

When it talked about Sylvia Chang, Edward Lam laughed and said he is for sure one of her die hard fans and bluntly said that Sylvia is his ideal perfect woman. After 20 years of absent, why Sylvia Chang will want to take on stage play again? Sylvia Chang said: [The reason for me to take on stage play again after 20 years is because I was lured by the director, he has invited handsome guys like Zheng Yuan Chang and David Huang into the play, I find it hard to resist, he used handsome guys to lure me, Ha Ha Ha.]

Sylvia Chang: Must brush my teeth before going up the stage
In the play, Sylvia Chang is Zheng Yuan Chang’s boss, during their work in the office, she and him will develop feelings for each other. Zheng Yuan Chan’s innocent will be greatly admired by Sylvia Chang. Edward Lam explains that this is not a simple older woman and younger guy relationship, it will be much more complex, among them it will also include the topics like money and power etc. Can be said that our stage play is a black comedy, it will contain a lot of crisis that we will face in our life, but everyone will be accepting them with a laugh.

In the play Sylvia Chang will be attracted by “younger guy” Zheng Yuan Chang’s innocent, so will it happens to her in real life as well? Sylvia said: [Of course I will, will be tempting for sure but it doesn’t mean anything, will just be admiring, even if I did, I won’t care much about the age problem.] Sylvia Chang bluntly said that even though it is an older woman and younger guy pairing but they didn’t have awkwardness between them, [Zheng Yuan Chang is guy who is very worthy to be adored. We don’t have any pressure while sharing the same scene together. The main thing is to brush my teeth before going up the stage, Ha Ha Ha……]

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