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Saturday, October 18, 2008

XiaoGui (Alien Huang) Has Heavy Brotherly Affection; Denies Wanting To "Usurp" Show Luo (XiaoZhu)'s Position

Show Luo ZhiXiang (XiaoZhu)'s contract with GTV (BaDa) ends at the end of this year; rumor has it that his 娛樂百分百 [Yu Le Bai Fen Bai] [100 Percent Entertainment] co-host, XiaoGui (Alien Huang HongSheng) not only asked for a raise, but will actually replace him! On the 16th, though, XiaoGui cried loudly that he had been treated unjustly: "I've been working with GTV for three years; I have never taken the initiative to ask for a raise. My friendship with XiaoZhu is also extremely good; one day, I do hope to be "take charge" of a show, but I would never consider or want to replace him."

XiaoGui calls Show his "shi fu" (master); in real life, they are even more like brothers. The two have been a team for years; XiaoGui is often criticized as having "the shadow of Show" on him. He said, "I personally don't think that's true." Recently, XiaoGui has begun to "sprint" forward; he has recently taken on a food show, 小鬼當家 [XiaoGui Dang Jia] [XiaoGui Manages House]. The show takes place outside of the studio; he visits the various "second generation offspring" of entrepreneuring families and tries his best to develop and show off his own charm and charisma. His good friends 2moro came to yesterday's press conference to show their support; they played a "who can eat the spiciest" game.

Show's contract with GTV expires at the end of November; his agency is currently drawing up a plan for (his career in) the coming years. They are afraid that his drama and music careers and schedules will affect the taping of a show; they're inclined to not renew his contract. XiaoGui is being considered as the best "successor;" his manager said, "His fee is very reasonable; he definitely isn't a lion, opening wide its mouth (hasn't demanded an exorbitant price)."

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