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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Show Luo (XiaoZhu) Heads Straight To TaiDung; Visits Female Fan Whose Brain Is Atrophying

On the 16th of October, Show Luo ZhiXiang (XiaoZhu) traveled to TaiDung to visit a female fan who has fallen ill. The 17-year-old 董宇婕 Dong YuJie has spinocerebellar atrophy; Show found it heartbreaking that, at her young and tender age, she already knows the bitter hardship of such a serious illness. He left four pages of urgent "warnings", like "You must do your rehabilitation exercises; you must be happy," as well as his own personal e-mail address. He asked that she keep a "diary" and send it to him. He considers "e-mail" to be the "closest distance" between them; he can converse directly with her and support and encourage her.

The Brave 董宇婕 Dong YuJie Meets Her Idol

As DJ袁永 DJ Yuan Yong interviewed 董宇婕 Dong YuJie, Show secretly appeared and then, suddenly, unexpectedly, spoke. 董宇婕 Dong YuJie was so surprised that her entire body froze up. Afterwards, she revealed that her body has been degenerating steadily; she even needs someone to support her as she walks. In class, she dares not drink water, not wanting to burden her classmates. She was extremely depressed; since the 10th grade, she had wanted to drop out of school. It was only when she heard Show's promise-- that he would travel to TaiDung to personally see her-- that her courage to attend school was restored. From the first day of school, September 1, to now, she waited for him daily; now, a few days before her birthday (October 21), she was able to see her idol!

She Was Very Depressed; Show Teases Her To "Enlighten" Her

Show's heart ached at the thought of the physical torture she has gone through; they stayed together for ninety minutes, during which Show used both humor and solemness to "enlighten" her and open her up. He passed a message to her: "Happiness and a sense of resistance and will... this will make you strong." He even put his forehead to her forehead, and asked, laughing, "Did you feel the 'vibrations' that Takuya Kimura gave me?" After leaving, Show's expression was heavy. He didn't understand why God did not punish evildoers and scoundrels, instead letting children and good people endure hardship and pain.

After Seeing Both His Mother and Father Critically Ill; Show Has Become More Hopeful and Optimistic

Show admitted frankly that he did not understand-- from experience-- the mood or feelings of someone who was critically ill, but he did understand the feelings and pain of their family members. In the past several years, both his father and mother were hospitalized; in the past, he used to grumble and complain to God: "Why me?" Just before his father died, Show had to sign, with trembling, shaking hands, the "notice of critical illness" given him. His mood then was extremely tortured and unhappy; a year later, his mother fainted and was admitted to the hospital. Once again, he signed the "notice of critical illness." Standing by the door to the emergency ward, he violently hurled "three words" (expletives) toward God and Heaven... he was so angry that he even slapped his own face.

After his experiences with his parents and death, Show learned to face illness with hope and optimism. He said that other people could not give him "hope" or "optimism"-- could only believe in oneself. Relying on will power and trying-- only then could he face each day with a smile.

News Source: ShowBiz (ChinaTimes),
Translation Credit: tammiest @

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