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Friday, October 17, 2008

Wu Zun and Charlene promotes Butterfly Lovers in Brunei!

Sheikh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohamed, CEO of Brunei Tourism, and Wu Chun were on hand to greet Charlene Choi's first visit to Brunei Darussalam.

Yesterday, Wu Chun, Brunei's megastar and his co-star Charlene Choi aka ah Sa touched down in Brunei Darussalam to promote their new movie, Butterfly Lovers. The HK$20 million movie is based on a famous and legendary Chinese love story of "Liang San Por", played by Wu Chun, and 'Zhu Ing Tai', played by Charlene Choi, with a martial arts background.

Wu Chun arrived at 1.20pm to a big reception, which included many fans from overseas. A TVB crew who interviewed Wu Chun. His emergence from the arrival hall sent the fans to ecstasy and many handed gifts to Wu Chun.

Four hours later, Ah Sa's arrival from Hong Kong was welcomed by the Brunei Tourism with the beating of the hadrah. This was Charlene's first time visit to Brunei Drussalam.

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