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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ah Sa: Nearly cried in the airport

Charlene (Ah Sa) came back to Hong Kong from Denmark the other night. She went straight to attend a function. She was not very happy as she had lost her luggage in the airport. Among the things she had lost were souvenirs she got for Ronald Cheng (rumored boyfriend) and Chun. They were worth a fortune. She told reporters "I am very low at the moment. I nearly cried in the airport just now."

Ah Sa disclosed she shared the same luggage trunk with her assistant and the other crew members. " I worked everyday in Denmark. I only went out shopping the last day and now all the stuffs I bought are gone." Things in Denmark are very expensive, just the Value Add Tax is 25%. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars. I even bought a new luggage to go to Denmark." Ah Sa reckoned the luggage was probably lost during in transit in Zurich. "I have never lost any of my luggage before, I am very upset about it. I nearly cried in the airport."

Source: Oriental Daily/MingPao (image)

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