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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rainie Yang Falls Into Wilber Pan's Embrace; Pan Shuai Complains That She's Too Heavy!

In the idol drama 不良笑花 [Bu Liang Xiao Hua (The Bad Campus Belle)], Rainie Yang ChengLin and Wilber Pan WeiBo have a big "embrace" scene. The scene looks, however, more like they are ballroom dancing! Rainie had to bend backwards into Wilber's embrace; Wilber complained that she was too heavy. Rainie couldn't help retorting, "Is this position that difficult? Are you a man?!"

Loses In Poll For Idol Drama Queens

Rainie acts exaggeratedly in many scenes of Miss No Good; she built up a good chemistry and rapport with Wilber. Rainie said privately that Wilber was really good at crying scenes. As for herself, she said that she recently lost an on-line poll for comedic popularity to the up-and-coming newcomer Amber Kuo CaiJie.

Unexpectedly, in the recent Yahoo! Poll for "Who is the Taiwanese Idol Drama Queen of 2008?" (poll ended October 9; one vote per Yahoo! Account), Rainie received just barely 7.1% of the vote. She trailed far behind both Fated To Love You's Joe Chen QiaoEn (52.1%) and They Kiss Again's Ariel Lin YiChen (15.8%), with whom she was recently rumored to be "fighting" because of a "copied hairstyle." Rainie, however, still thanked the fans who had supported her. As for "not having popularity among netizens," she said that she wouldn't take it to heart.

Although she is not popular among netizens, there are still many TV viewers who like and admire Rainie's comedic performance in Miss No Good; she also expressed her thanks for this. Recently, she has been busy preparing for her new album; she has also been "mend-filming" scenes for 愛就宅一起 [Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi] [Superstar Express]... she's as busy as anyone could possibly be!

News Source: Epoch Times,
Translation Credit: tammiest @


Anonymous said...

i love you rainie hope to see u here in philippines...please come here...

Anonymous said...

Jia you!!!!