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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rainie superstitiously believes in forehead hair, removes bangs to bring money

Rainie supersticiously believes in Forehead Hair, removes bangs to bring money

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Rainie kept her trademark bangs for 5 years from Ambiguous AiMei Album's doll bangs, Ren Yi Men's jellyfish hair, BLXH's boom QQ hair to allow her career to prosper. This has caused her to be supersticious with her hairstyle, According to a fortune teller, she starts to have forehead luck from 24 years old onwards, advising her to show her forehead. Thus, she'll rather believe, she was seen going to the hair salon to change her hairstyle secretly, to let her forehead see the sunlight.

On the 9th's afternoon, the reporter saw her clipped her bangs up showing her forehead and wore a big pair of glasses to hide her looks without makeup. She enters ZOOM hair salon to change her hairstyle, she washed her hair for 1h 30mins and her fragile look make her looks like Sadako. When her hair stylist took her scissors to start cutting her bangs, she immediately becomes alert and shows her front teeth acting as marmot to plead her not to cut too much. She closes her eyes every now to rest and her waist length hair is already rather short. There's also a manicurist who is serving her nails for nail art, she is served like a queen enjoying VIP's serving.

Her fans are already used to her bangs, she courageously tried jellyfish hair last year and brought about a hair trend. But she was also described as tortoise hair, her manager Jiang Cheng ze admits that she is changing her stylist with the fortune teller's advice for her album which is going to release in November. She has to show her forehead and have to let her fans like it. Thus, it was decided that she will use extentions to extend her bangs and split it to two sides, to bring a totally new side bangs. If her fans can't accept, she will then remove the extentions and return to her original look.

After cutting, her manager immediately took a picture of her, ensuring that all three angles look good to prevent another tortoise head incident. She is also very satisfied with her new hairstyle 'the middle splitting bangs can make her face look smaller and slimmer, showing the forehead can make one look more alert when taking pictures and she feels happier after cutting her hair.

Rainie was said to be rude by fans, some fans pointed out that in the past Rainie will sign and take pictures. However, during recent BLXH promos, they couldn't take pictures nor sign. She shouts innocently "No such thing, as long as it doesn't affects my job, signing or taking pictures are all OK. But sometimes maybe it is a little rush, thus, will be stopped by company." She will only sign on things which doesn't have copyright.

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