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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ariel Lin praising WuZun’s handsomeness in front of Joe Cheng

Ariel Lin praising WuZun’s handsomeness in front of Joe Cheng
Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have been act as husband and wife in [It Stared With A Kiss] series and [Love or Bread], they are so close that Lin Yi Chen won’t even afraid he will mind at all and when the China media asked [Who is the handsomest among the actors that you have worked with before], she turned to look at Zheng Yuan Chang, after patting his hand, she said this right in front of him, [I cannot deny that Wu Zun is quite handsome.] While Xiao Zhong of course is not bad either, even though his smile is still the same, he immediately said: [Then I also think Ella is the most beautiful, how’s that?]

[Love or Bread] is planning to film in Hangzhou, China for a week. Yesterday the event has attracted about hundred of China media to come and report about the event. Because both Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have had the experience in filming in China before so they didn’t feel any unaccustomed climate to this country at all. Xiao Zhong has gone straight into a restaurant to have hairy crab once he arrived in Hangzhou; making everyone feeling whether they should cry or laugh. When he has finished eating, he didn’t praise the deliciousness of the hairy crab instead he said: [After eating it my excretion will be quite smooth and my stomach will be flat, just great.]

Compare to him, Lin Yi Chen is not that fortunate and get to eat as freely as she desires. For the past two years she has been watching over her weight rather strictly by just eating either enzyme or lettuce salad. This time because she needs to deal with filming in another country for several days, so she has brought crackers and low fat soup packages that are going to last for half a month. She and Hu Ge had have their second collaboration in [LOCH] and receiving quite a good rating in China so it has helped her gained quite a lot of popularity. Source : UDN

[Love or Bread] starts filming in Hangzhou; Joe Cheng feasting on hairy crabs
GTV’s [Love or Bread] has finished its filming in Taiwan. The production team has now travelled to Hangzhou, China to capture a few scenes. They have held a press conference over here yesterday. Zheng Yuan Chang who has arrived in Hangzhou on the previous day has eaten 2 big hairy crabs as dinner. Not only was the dish delicious, what’s make Xiao Zhong feeling happy was that [After having it, my digestion will be quite smooth as well, my stomach will be flat, Ha Ha!]. Lin Yi Chen who is always watching over her body shape, has been eating salad most of the time while she was in Taiwan. This time for sure she will include some light food in her luggage as well. She has prepared light crackers and some low fat soup packages; planning to stay for a week’s working days. Lin Yi Chen smiles and said: [Just only the food, the quantity that I have prepared is good enough for about 10 days to half of a month.]

Under the hands of the director Lin He Long who has a nickname called “Speedy Director”, [Love or Bread] has already finished filming the scenes in Taiwan. Both male and female leads came to meet the media from China yesterday. The main focus is to hold a press conference in Hangzhou. With the charmed that they have gathered from [It Started With A Kiss], Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have attracted around 200 media plus fans crowding over the press conference. The questions from China media are very straightforward and keen while Lin Yi Chen was showing a very calm and steady expression, she said [I will try to be as truthful as I can] Little does she realize that once she turns her back on them, the media have immediately throw her a spicy question [Who is the handsomest among the actors that you have worked with before?] Lin Yi Chen patted Zheng Yuan Chang’s hand, rather shy while looking at him and said: [We share the best tacit understanding together but I can’t deny that Wu Zun is actually quite handsome.] Xiao Zhong gave a polite smile and said: [Then I think that Ella is the most beautiful!] After hearing the bickering from this onscreen couple all the media in the event was laughing non-stop because of this.

The hundreds of fans who got winds about this conference have the opportunity to have interaction with the artists that was specially opened by the event organizer. They have prepared toast so that Xiao Zhong and Yi Chen could personally spread the jam on the toast and let the fans eat them. One fan in particular has garble up the 2 pieces of toast directly from Xiao Zhong and straight to her mouth. Their level of craziness will be extended to the point where they totally don’t care about their own image in front of their idol. While before the press conference start, the event organizer has especially treated both Taiwanese artists for foot massages. Xiao Zhong and Yi Chen’s charm were indeed unstoppable, their fans were everywhere, watching them between the cracks of the door, even the drapes from the windows were almost being tear off by them; finally able to experience the level of craziness from the fans in China. Source : SINA

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