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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kenji Wu KeQun's Health Condition Worsens; Forced To Cancel Concert At the Last Minute

Kenji Wu KeQun was originally scheduled to hold two concerts-- one on the 18th of October, and one on the 19th-- at the 台大體育館 NTU (New Taiwan University) Sports Center; they were to be part of his MagiK World Tour. However, Kenji's chronic prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc was recently aggravated, to the point where surgery is a definite possibility. Under the strong suggestion and urging of both his physician and the boss of 種子音樂 Seed Music, 田定豐 Tian DingFeng, the number of concerts has been temporarily cut back to just one. However, it is Kenji's very first ticketed concert, and it is simply impossible that the one concert can accommodate all of his fans; the concert organizers immediately opened up a ticket exchanging service and sent their deepest apologies to those fans who will be left out.

Kenji's concert-- the first of his life-- will be held on the same day as his 29th birthday; unfortunately, however, at this most important of times, his long-time basketball injury has developed and evolved into prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc. Kenji, described by workers as "extremely ㄍㄧㄥ (will hold it in)," plans to undergo both "rehab" and rehearsal at the same time in order to pass through the concert. However, his physician will be closely monitoring his health; he has already been undergoing steroid injections (to lessen the inflammation of his nerves) for several months. However, his condition has not gotten better; if he continues to push his body beyond its limits and his lower body continues to feel numb, it is quite possible that he will develop hemiplegia (paralysis of half of the body). The physician strongly recommends that he cancel both of his concerts and undergo surgery to remove the elastic cartilage which has shifted and is currently repressing his nervous system.

Boss 田定豐 Tian DingFeng already communicated with Kenji a month ago, telling him that he hoped he would not "pay" for the concert with his health. He advised Kenji to cancel both of the concerts. He said, "It's true that this is your very first ticketed concert... but we really hope that it won't be your last, too! I hope that you'll be able to hold many more in the future!" But, at the time, Kenji's response was, "If you want me to cancel it right now, then how am I different from the presently handicapped or crippled?"

Recently, his condition has been aggravated and has intensified; many of his promotional activities have already been canceled. However, he wants to avoid-- by any means possible-- canceling both concerts. Instead, he fought to keep his concert on October 18-- the day of his birthday. Seeing his persistent attitude, his boss and the concert organizers worked together urgently on the staging of the concert. From dance steps to a steel wire hanging and flying segment to any sudden movements-- anything that seemed too much was canceled. This was all done so that Kenji's birthday wish-- to spend it with his fans-- could come true!

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