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Friday, October 17, 2008

Jay Chou sticks to mother; Bye bye to girlfriend if she doesn't agree with living together

Jay Chou and mother Ye Hui Mei has a very good relationship and he has praised his mother's selfless love for him countless times. Yesterday, Jay expressed in CtiTV's "Shen Chun Hua life show" show that he plans on continuing to live with his mother after his marriage. When asked by host Shen Chun Hua about what happens if his girlfriend objects, Jay Chou responded immediately that "Then bye bye."
Jay has openly hugged his mother many times but said that when his dad sends him an sms saying "Remember to think of daddy", he will find it very disgusting. He smiled wryly and answered that "It's very weird when it's two males."

Yesterday, Jay played the instrumental for Shen Chun Hua so that she can perform "Listen to mama's words (Ting Ma Ma De Hua)" and when mentioning that his mother gave him a very strict piano education, Jay described that whenever he played the piano, his mother will sit beside him. He said "Sometimes the piano keys will get stuck and I'll tell mother to let me cross and she will stand up. The stress level will increase." Sometimes she will go and visit his filming locations and will tell Jay that "How is it? It has been a tiring day today, come over and let mommy hug you." Jay is very close to his mother and his stylist friend Du Guo Zhang joked that "His money is all locked with his mother, of course he must stay with her."

When talking about his parents' divorce, Jay expressed that he had the thought of "Why must this happen?" before but he said "If there's only a single parent, the child should be less likely to turn bad because the parents' relationship is already very tense due to the marriage and he won't become bad and worsen the relationship between his parents." His father once left him a note written "Remember to eat your medicine, daddy bought dumplings and it's in the fridge." He saw the note and realised that it was left a month ago. Jay laughed and said "He has a good sense of humor."

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